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Events on the calendar have priority over walk-on shooters. Match directors may open parts of ranges based on the size of the event and the safety of all shooters. Please find details about partial range availability during events in the description or contact the person named as event-lead for more information.

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Range abbreviations:
AR - Archery Range (no open shooting during scheduled events)
IR - Indoor Range (no open shooting during scheduled events)
RR - Rifle Range (no open shooting during scheduled events)
TR - Trap Range (the upper trap range may be available during some events)
PR - Pistol Range (depending on the event and number of participants, some bays may be open)
Special events:
Work Party - All Ranges are subject to closure without prior notice during the work party  until 12 noon (3rd Sunday)
WOT - Women on Target (no open shooting during this event on any range)
Please follow the instructions of our Match Directors and Range Safety Officers at all times!

AC - Adobe ("the old") Clubhouse

TC - Trap Clubhouse


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How To Join AVGC

To become a member of the Apple Valley Gun Club, download and complete the application.  In addition, the following requirements must be met:

1. Be a current member of the NRA.  You can click on the link above to do this.

2. Present your application and proof of your NRA membership at a Membership Meeting which takes place on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Drop off the completed application at the sign in table inside of the meeting building at Victor Valley Christian Church 11223 Eleventh Ave., Hesperia, CA 92345 at 6:30 pm. 

All applications will be handled following the Membership meeting as part of the agenda.

3. Pay a one-time Initiation Fee of $200 plus dues for the rest of the year pro-rated.  If you join in October, November or December you will pay the following years dues also. Senior dues (65 years or older) is $48 per year.  General Membership dues are $120 per year.

4. Have a current member sponsor your membership for the first 90 days during which you will be a probationary member.  If you do not know a member to sponsor you, one will be appointed as your sponsor at the meeting.

During the 90 day probationary period do the following:

1.  Attend the Club Orientation which takes place on the 3rd Sunday each month at 12:00 pm.

2.  Perform 4 hours of voluntary service of some kind to the Club.  This can be anything you are physically capable of doing or something you enjoy doing.   Examples:  Work the Sign In Table on Membership Meeting nights, participate in a calendared event as a coach, set up person or clean up person, find work needed doing from the Facilities Chairman, etc.

3.  Show proof of Firearms Safety Training. In order to qualify for Membership, probationary members must possess a formal course of instruction in safe firearms handling.  This requirement may be satisfied by showing a completion certificate for any one of the following training programs or the AVGC Firearms Safety Form.  

      1.  Concealed Carry Permit (California).

      2.  Hunter Education Certificate (any state).

      3.  Documented military marksmanship qualification.

      4.  Law Enforcement Firearms qualification

      5.  Successful completion of any NRA Firearms Training             

      6.  Civilian Marksmanship Program Evaluation Form

      7.  AVGC Firearms Safety Form (Can be completed with any Range Safety Officer at AVGC)

Complete your 90 day probation with your sponsor, who can bring you to the range during that 90 days to shoot.  You can come with any other member of the Club to shoot or you can shoot at any of the calendared events along with the public.

At the successful completion of the 90 day probationary period, you will be issued a regular membership card with the gate combination on it, which is the same combination to the clubhouse where you can enter to get targets as part of your membership benefits.  You may attend the next monthly membership meeting to show proof of completion and get your regular membership card.  Or, you can contact the club secretary and make arrangements to meet to pick up your card.

The various ranges are open from sun-up to 10:00 pm 7 days a week, except for times when the ranges are being used for a calendared event.  Always check the calendar before coming to the Club property to make sure there isn't an event taking place because you will have to wait until that event is over before you can use that range.

It is highly recommended that you also become familiar with the Club By-Laws and the Range Regulations which can be found on this web site as PDF files that can be saved or printed.  Click on the "Publications" tab at the top of any website page to find these documents.

Finally, please read the information on the "About Us" page as it gives an overview of the type of members we are trying to develop at the Apple Valley Gun Club.  There's more to membership than just shooting.

See you on the Range!